OFM is not a regular market/shop – It is not simply a place for buying organic vegetables/traditional rice varieties. Food is just one very direct and simple way to initiate conversations about much broader issues – the social, public health, environmental and economic impact of the current unsustainable food supply chain on us as individuals and also on the planet. 
It is also a place where you as consumers can
– Connect directly/personally with your food, the farmer who grew it and the entire supply chain that brought it to you.
– Have a more direct and transparent impact on what is produced and how it is produced.
One way to further strengthen this connect and deepen the impact is through much more diverse engagement with the activities of the supply chain at OFM (farm visits, vegetable market, grocery, awareness and outreach, books and publications etc..) – and not merely as buyers alone.
1) @ Veggie Market:
For example, we have noticed that there is a dire need for volunteers at both the Tuesday and Friday veggie markets – Right from about 10 AM till about 3 PM. The following would be the tasks that a volunteer would be expected to perform:
a. Weighing/Documenting/Data entry into a worksheet/notebook of all the vegetables/fruits that have been sourced for the market;  (11 AM – 1:30 PM);
b. Weighing/Billing customers. (2 PM – 3 PM);
c. Handle pop-up stalls during Market Days – that would focus on other items at OFM, that do not get the attention that they deserve. One prime example is Books about the organic movement; Information sessions about health..
It would be better for planning purposes if one could commit to at least 2 veggie markets/month for at least 3 months.
As an incentive, volunteers would get first choice at the fruits/veggies. yes! Volunteers can pick up before the Veggies start time for themselves (alone).
2) Regular media/social Media outreach 
We would like a core group of volunteers who could be called upon to reach out for education and awareness regarding OFM’s activities and about safe food and other issues..
1. One/Two social media-savvy volunteers could take responsibility of OFM’s facebook page, twitter handle, Instagram and even the webpage and start posting regular updates about news and announcements including measures taken up at the store, farm visits, upcoming events, new products that have come up.
2. Making of short videos on OFM – Currently there is none../writing up in print about OFM etc..
3. Volunteers could also take up the responsibility of Books/Publications section at OFM – Display, Stocking, discussing and New customer outreach during market days. also compiling small booklets on various topics.
3) Stock taking/Stock checks at OFM
Volunteers needed for periodic stock checks;There are periodical physical stock taking/checking. During these times more hands and heads help. This activity will be twice a month. 2 Volunteers needed (again pl commit for atleast 2 months)
Help also needed with digitizing the stock register of all products (that is currently being maintained manually).
4) Farmer visits/Farmer consumer meets:
Farm(er) visits/checks happen regularly at OFM. Ideally, we would like to have consumers also be part of these visits – so that the supply chain is as direct as possible (Consumer- Farmer). For the purposes of coordinating such activities, it would be good to have a core team of volunteers from the consumer end also.  Activities include
a. Regular farm visits in coordination with OFM.
b. Regular farmer-consumer meets in the city.
(As a part of the completion of 5 years of OFM in April 2019, We are planning a farmer-consumer meet very soon, and we would need quite a few volunteers for this task. )
If you are interested in any of the above activities, please get in touch with pradeep at (pradeep dot kuttuva at gmail dot com) . And also the specific task that you would be interested in. This would help us in planning a meeting with interested volunteers during the 1st week of April. 
(pl copy restoreananthoo@gmail.com too when u write back)