What u see in this photo below is a joint effort of Greenpeace India , TN youth force and OFM!

These are some 190 bags- each consisting of the following:
Thooya malli boiled – 5kg
Wheat flour – 1kg
Groundnut oil – 1 ltr
Toor dal – 1kg
Jaggery powder – 1kg
Konda kadalai – 500gm
Rice upma mix – 500gm
Turmeric powder – 100gms
Pepper – 100gms
Mustard – 100gms
Clove – 10gms
The spices like Jeera, Pepper, turmeric, and clove were particularly added keeping in mind the immunity-boosting these spices can help in.
Like we did last year during the Covid Lockdown, we try and take these groceries to some of the nomadic tribes (narikuravas) and those who don’t have access to food bcos of loss of livelihoods. These nomadic tribes are the worst hit on all fronts.
This bag with the above organic items Costs Rs1000/- each.
If you want to contribute, pls tell us how many bags you want to support and write to < gopi11545@gmail.com> who will coordinate further. Your contribution will help us reach more people hit by lockdown at least survive hunger and get basic nourishment.
(PS: yes, there is some unavoidable plastic packaging which has been done after lots of thoughts and discussion. Kindly don’t whip us for that.
PS2: These items are all procured from organic farmers and farmer collectives directly at cost and distributed. this way we also ensure fair price and sales to small organic farmers)

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